Interactive Kinstretch® Community by MOTIVNY

**ARCHIVED** We will be releasing new content as part of Mobility Club. Original IKC members will still maintain access to old IKC content. ---- Our purpose is to build resilient human beings one joint at a time. Think of it as strength training for your joints. - Your first 2 months for only $20.
Get your first two months for only $10 per month when you use code IKC20. That's $64 in savings!

With 8 new mobility classes every month, and educational resources library, you'll always have a new challenge to explore to keep your training fresh.

In addition to your current strength training routine, our recommendation is that you set aside time 4x per week to focus on your mobility training. If you don't currently have a strength routine, or are interested in starting one that compliments your unique situation and mobility training, shoot us a message!
Our classes build on each other throughout the month, so we'd suggest doing each class twice (x2) to ensure mastery and proficiency before moving on. We've provided you with a suggested training schedule in your Calendar. If you're looking for even more mobility gainz, check out our suggestions for daily CARs.
In addition to new classes, we've also broken down some of the key concepts and tutorials that will help you make the most of this group. Give them a watch and let us know what you think!
- Regular price $49/month
- Interested in attending our Zoom Kettlebell classes & IKC? Click below to purchase our full monthly pass:


Why Join

Who this group is for?

- Everyday athletes

- Performance-driven athletes

- Conscientious agers

- Mobility enthusiasts

- Your Grandma (and the whole family)

- YOU!

With so much information out there, we know how overwhelming it can be to figure out what works and what doesn't. Our unique blend of Kinstretch classes and educational resources are designed to cut through the B.S. and provide you with a clear plan for improvement.

What's Included in Your Membership?

- 8 new classes released each month. Each designed to be performed 2x per week to maximize proficiency and results
- Access to our weekly Live Zoom Kinstretch class on Tuesday at 12p.
- Extensive video resource library with drills, tutorials, and deeper dives into concepts to enhance your experience
- Community driven discussion topics
- A support network of coaches and peers to celebrate your successes, share your struggles, and keep you motivated

Whether you're focused on building resiliency, increasing your athletic performance, or staying injury-free and durable throughout the years, being able to access and control your full range of motion is an invaluable part of any training program.

The MOTIVNY team and other members of this group are here to support you as we strive for a better understanding of our bodies and movement. Let's change the way the world thinks about mobility training!

Here's an article about all of the benefits of Kinstretch from one of our Doctors of Physical Therapy - Click HERE for article.